Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Construction of a campaign...
Before the beginning...

I will be running this campaign soon. Wait, let me start that again. I want to use this campaign as a springboard to test all of the mods im writing for Pathfinder ruleset. My design intent for the “house rules” im writing is to make a dnd game i will enjoy playing/running without changing the fundamental play experience for the more traditional players. That is to say, that i dont want to change the character sheets (at least not too drastically), i dont want to change any powers (if i can avoid it), and i want traditional players to be able to make a character via the “official” rules and still have it playable & competitive here. I want these “advanced rules” to be available for players who want to go a little deeper with their character.

For now the heavy writing is underway, and once that is complete the campaign will start. During that writing process i will be using this as a sort of a journal to keep my ideas and ruminations about this stuff more centralized and available. If not for the players to look back on then for me to look at and remember.

More thoughts can be found on my twitter @fulange and at my livejournal

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